Godrej Taurus Safe

A new-age electronic safe locker, Taurus is a class apart. Its ivory colour along with its motorised locking mechanism makes it one of the most ideal electronic home safes to possess.

  • (mm) 250(h) x 350(w) x 250(d)
  • Armour plate
  • Weight: 10kg
  • (in): 10(h) x 14(w) x 10(d)
  • Volume: 14Ltr
  • Godrej Esquire Electronic

    The safe can be opened only with a secret password and shuts down automatically after 3 consecutive wrong password entries. However, a mechanical override option is also available in case the password is forgotten. The safe has motorised shooting bolts for extra protection and interior decked with a carpet.

  • (mm) 200(h) x 300(w) x 200(d)
  • Armour plate
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • (in): 8(h) x 12(w) x 8(d)
  • Volume: 5Ltr
  • Godrej E Swipe Electronic

    A safe enabled with an advanced swipe reader. that can be locked and accessed by the use of debit/credit cards. It not only enhances your security, but also adds to the elegance of your well done interiors.

  • (mm) 250(h) x 455(w) x 375(d)
  • Armour plate
  • Weight: 15.5kg
  • (in): 10(h) x 18(w) x 15(d)
  • Volume: 35Ltr
  • Godrej E Laptop

    A safe that secures your laptop, gadgets and other valuables. This hi-tech home safe automatically freezes the keypad after 3 consecutive incorrect password entries. It has a low battery indicator, an audit trail facility and a mechanical override option in case the password is forgotten.

  • (mm) 200(h) x 350(w) x 370(d)
  • Armour plate
  • Weight: 12kg
  • (in): 8(h) x 17(w) x 10(d)
  • Volume: 23Ltr
  • M-Laptop

    Compact with modern and aesthetic flushed design, the godrej m laptop is ideal for storage of valuables. It can be fitted inside a drawer where it keeps your valuables and laptop secure and yet accessible. Security features include an ultra exs locking mechanism for added security along with twin solid shooting bolts and provision for mounting/grouting the safe.

  • (mm) 200(h) x 420(w) x 370(d)
  • Armour plate
  • Weight: 14kg
  • (in): 8(h) x 17(w) x 15(d)
  • Volume: 23Ltr
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